DragoNation AGM and meeting our Fresh Dragons 2012
November 27, 2018
Mark Andrew Suntay and Lucille Liu’s visits to Hong Kong
November 27, 2018

Welcoming Wine Buffet Party for Dragon100 2012

The Dragon 100 Program kicked off on 5th August and therefore DragoNation hosted a Welcoming Wine Buffet Party for the fresh dragons who arrived Hong Kong early. The buffet was host at the basement of Nethan Hotel where a good range of tasty wine were stored. Many dragons from different years have joined and enjoyed meeting our new family members. “This is such a good beginning for our journey, i am now so excited for the Dragon 100 program coming up.” Emily Ha, a fresh dragon from D100 2012, said.

The tasty wine provided at the wine buffet must be mentioned and fortunately not many drunken cases were recorded at the end of the night. ( At least the reporter can not recall any).

A wine tasting experience night will be hosted by DragoNation in the soon future and please do not hesitate to join, you will not regret it. reported by Kelvin Lai (D100 2011)