Dragon Leisure Gathering
November 27, 2018
The Dragon Foundation Golf Tournament 2012
November 27, 2018

DragoNation Re-union @London

Greetings from London! The UK chapter of DragoNation is now established! Hooray!

DragoNation is having re-union here in United Kingdom. We had our first re-union last week on 17th April. It was so great to meet dragons from different years and re-connected again. I am especially delighted to see dragons from my year who “disappeared” for a long time. Even though we have not talked with each other for almost a year, we got excited when we talk about the things we did during that 8-day program. We formed increditably strong bonding in that few days and have strong sense of belonging as a dragon. I feel so warm to see some familiar faces during my stay here. The night was so enjoyable that we stayed until the restaurant closed.

reported by Sindy Leung (Dragon 2010)