DragoNation Art-Jamming gathering
November 27, 2018
Dragon100 Welcoming Party
November 27, 2018

DragoNation Day

“We celebrated DragoNation’s fourth birthday on 26 May 2012 at Senate House Education in Hong Kong. We had a casual party with over 30 Dragons getting altogether to enjoy this joyous Dragon Day. We had a very great and precious moment with different Dragons from various backgrounds to get to know more about one another as well as DragoNation. We were so delighted to see many new faces and familiar faces. Brandon, the External Affairs Secretary and Mandy, the Internal Affairs Committee Member gave a marvelous guitar and singing performance. This was the first ever talent show in our Family! We were also so grateful to receive many creative and funny birthday blessings from other overseas Dragons. You all made the DragoNation Day with colourful memories. Thank you all for joining us in whatever way! Hope you could continue support us in any event coming up!”

reported by Sarah Ng (D100 2010)