Orbis Moonwalker Team
November 27, 2018
Dragon 100 2012
November 27, 2018

DragoNation AGM

The DragoNation AGM 2012 has been successfully held on 18 August. Dragons from different years gathered at City Top and mingled with each other. The AGM did not only reunite many senior Dragons, it was also a great opportunity for old and new Dragons to get acquainted. We had a total of 40 Dragons attending this event, including our founding president, Clive Lee. Again, we welcome all the 2012 D-100 and GC participants to our big family! During the AGM, we have reviewed the DragoNation activities of last year, including drinking parties, dinner gatherings, art-jamming workshop and more leisure gatherings! Thanks to the DragoNation Exco led by Armstrong, without their effort, we would not have such a memorable year with DragoNation. A fruitful year has passed and it is time for us to start a new page. All the Dragons unanimously voted for Jiji Luk to be our next President of DragoNation. We were pleased to have witnessed the handover of the DragoNation from Armstrong to Jiji. Both of them are great leaders. This marked the start of another flourishing year of DragoNation. We wish DragoNation every success! Looking forward to seeing all of you in our coming activities!

Reported by Natalie Sin (GC 2011)