DragoNation Spring Dinner 2012
November 27, 2018
Luigi’s visit to Hong Kong
November 27, 2018

Another couple and their coming marriage in the Year of Dragon!

On 25 February 2012, a group of Dragons comprising of Clive Lee (Dragon 100-2005), Kelvin Lai (Dragon 100-2011, assistant group co-ordinator for Dragon 100-2006), Ms. Man-Yin Ho (ex-Project Manager of the Dragon Foundation), and the reporter (Dragon 100-2006) gathered at Jordan MTR station to recall good old days with Astrid Irwanto (Indonesian delegate, Dragon 100-2006) whose visit to Hong Kong was the second visit since Dragon 100-2006. Unlike in 2006, this time she did not come to Hong Kong alone. She came with her husband to be, Mr. Alvin Pandrya. From Man-Yin’s initiative idea, the group met at Jordan MTR station. Joining us was Ms. Mai Sarah NG (Dragon 100-2010). From there, the group followed Man-Yin’s initiative in taking a walking tour starting from Jordan until the end of the route in Mong Kok. In Jordan, the first stop was at the ‘Australia Dairy Company’ where we had light snack. Then, Astrid and Alvin were introduced to local street snacks at the Temple Street area. Around that place, a brief visit to ‘Mido Café’ reminded Astrid and the reporter of a meal we had in small group during the Dragon 100-2006 trip. We remembered the day clearly as if the trip happened just a week ago. En route to Mong Kok, Astrid and Alvin learnt a lot of Hong Kong local culture from an exclusive guide in the form of Man-Yin. In Mong Kok, the couple walked along the famous ‘Ladies’ Market’. The group had a dessert in a local dessert shop in Mong Kok. We managed to secure Astrid’s promise that there will certainly be a next trip to Hong Kong for her and Alvin. The trip to Hong Kong for Astrid and Alvin this time was quite in a rush as their visit to Hong Kong was just a brief one on their way to Macau where they took their wedding photos, following Astrid’s luck in getting a prize from a wedding photo company in Singapore. Those who met Astrid and Alvin that day would agree that they are just very suitable couple – one is beautiful, one is handsome – both present great representatives of Indonesia. Alvin is working at the PSA International Singapore while Astrid is studying for her PhD degree at the National University of Singapore. Whilst we are always looking forward to their visit in Hong Kong, meanwhile we are sure they will be well taken care of by a newly established Singapore Chapter of DragoNation!

reported by Prof. Pom