November 26, 2018
DragoNation 6th Committee formed
November 26, 2018


Vivica Xiong (Dragon 100 2013) traveled to New York and hosted a small gathering on September 4, 2013. Shiukay Chris Hung (Dragon 100 2011) was in attendance, together with a friend of Vivica’s who’s interested in the Dragon Program. Chris is from Canada and now works as a lawyer in New York.

Conversations at the dinner focused on how to build a stronger international alumni group and reconnect previous Dragons, and Chris shared many of his good thoughts especially in comparison with another leadership program he participated. Among his suggestions, Chris recommended the alumni reunion trip, and possible career development program for Dragon alumni, as well as increasing the number of overseas’ delegates.

Going forward, the Overseas Affairs Team will consider to incorporate these ideas into our future work. We also welcome Dragons from around the world to send in suggestions, and look forward to meeting many more alumni through the DragonConnect gatherings globally.

Reported by Vivica Xiong (D100-2013)