DragoNation visited Legislative Council
November 26, 2018
DragoNation Spring Dinner 2013
November 26, 2018

DragoNation Smashed the Standard Chartered Marathon!!!!!

After 3 months of trainings since November, the DragoNation Team Smashed the 10km run at the Standard Chartered Marathon on the 24th Feb.

The sprit was led by our great president Jiji Luk (GoGoWest 2001),  and trainings organized by Kelvin Lai (D100 2011), 15 dragons, including Chapin Chak (GC 2011), Jessica Leung (GC 2011), Natalie Sin (GC 2011), Kaylie Wong (D100 coordinator since 2006), Alex Fu (D100 2012) etc. formed a running team and were well prepared for the 10km run. The training program successfully turned a group of professionals, yet unfit, into a group of healthy and sexily fit runners, putting regular exercise into their habit.

All of the runners were able to finish the 10km run within the personal targeted time, “This is one crazy thing I have ever done in my life, but looks like i would like to do it again next year!” siad by our president Jiji Luk after she finished her run.

Once again, well done to those who have participated and we will definitely organize more healthy and sporty event in the future. Join us and be healthy and sexy!!!