Ginger Heart – Fundraising for Operation Santa Claus 2016
November 23, 2018
DragoNation day 2016
November 23, 2018

DragoNation Day 2016 in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong, a city of hustle and bustle, some choose to turn a blind eye to the happenings whilst some react violently. How could we, city-dwellers, make a difference to the society, if not to the world, in the midst of indifference and indignation?

DragoNation, the alumni association of all programmes of the Dragon Foundation, believes in that entrepreneurship does not solely lies in monetary benefits, but also, and more essential, being the cornerstone of social enhancement and sustainability. This year is a remarkable year for DragoNation, celebrating its 8th anniversary. In this year’s DragoNation forum, at the venue provided by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, sponsored by CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd. And supported by 36 organisations, our distinct Dragons (alumni of the Dragon Programmes), who have become successful entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals in diverse industries, shared their experience and passion in making an impact to our society. This year’s highlight went to the human library session, where alumni members create synergy among more than 100 members and potential Dragons.

The president of DragoNation, Ms. Sindy Leung, introduced the programme’s purposes and expressed sincere gratitude to The Dragon Foundation. In her speech, Sindy mentioned that the annual gathering of DragoNation aims at “enabling productive dialogue, providing an opportunity for participants to get inspired, engaged and mentored by experienced entrepreneurs and social innovators. Through the celebration of our anniversary, it builds adherence among Dragons which encourages synergy effects to make positive impact”. The forum came with the honorable presence of the president and the vice-chairperson of Dragon Foundation, Sir TL Yang, GBM, JP and Ms. Shelley Lee, GBS, OBE, JP. Sir TL Yang expressed his complement on the importance and impact of the DragoNation forum for promoting youth development. He further encouraged participants to embrace different ideas and to bear in mind what we have learn in this forum when we devote into this complicated society. Ms. Shelley Lee, at the same time, reminded the participants to “Put People before Profit, Put Planet before Plunder and Put Passion before Pride”.

The DragoNation forum was honoured to invite the founder and CEO of Social Venture, Mr Francis Ngai, to be the keynote speaker of the event. Mr Francis Ngai has been devoting his passion to social enterprises, remarkably, Green Monday, Playtao Education, and Run Our City, etc. He quoted Diamond Cab as an exemplar, demonstrating how social enterprises contribute to the advancement of taxi industry. He shared how Green Monday invested effort in promoting sustainability of the environment; how Light Be broke through the barriers between individuals in limited living space. The concept of Business 2.0 was an evolutionary concept to initiate changes to the economy – to an exception of profit making, it is a challenge for business of the new generation – pursuing social good as a paramount concern of the business.

Being the first and foremost for DragoNation, the human library consisted of “human books” (our distinct alumni) who were inspirational and extraordinary. Participants of the forum were given the opportunity to converse with the “books” and learn from their experience and expertise. The 9 “books” came from diverse backgrounds – Strategy and development, branding consulting, strategic consulting, architecture, education, youth development and social welfare, psychology, philanthropy and public relations, encompassing awardees of JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young. By sharing their road to accomplishments, which was inevitably fraught with challenges and obstacles, DragoNation’s alumni were zealous of passing on the spirits and passion to youths.

To bring DragoNation forum to fruition, it relied on the effort and participation of Dragons and supporting parties. Following the success of the forum, which fostered extensive exchange amongst old and new Dragons, the DragoNation will continue to strive for the best for the future.