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November 23, 2018
Dragon 100: Call for 2016 nomination
November 23, 2018

Diversity Chamber – Private tour at F11 Photographic museum

DragoNation 3rd diversity chamber was held on 9th April Saturday at F11 museum in Happy Valley! We are glad to have Vice-president and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong Mr. Douglas So, the founder of F11, to share with us how a Grade III historical building was revitalized into a three-storey Art Deco Photographic Museum, which showcases a vast collection of cameras, photographs and book collections. We are amazed by Mr. So’s dedication to photography and heritage conservation.

The current exhibition named “Great Performers” is displaying 50 original photographs by Italian photojournalist Paolo Pellegrin. This is an interesting, rare and attractive glimpse of award winning actors and actresses behind the scene, and portraits of remarkable individuals who are movers and shakers inspiring millions around the world. The visit was a real eye-opener to many, photography is impactful to shake one’s heart.