DragoNation 10th Anniversary Annual Gala Dinner
November 21, 2018

DragoNation Global Youth Forum 2018

DragoNation (DN), the Alumni Association of The Dragon Foundation (DF), officially established on 30th May 2008, celebrated their 10th anniversary in Hong Kong with a Global Youth Forum on 27th May 2018 co-organised by and held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). DN currently has more than 1,800 ethnic Chinese alumni worldwide, many of which are leaders in their respective industries. Our theme this year is “Vision 2030 – The Role of Young Chinese Leaders in the Global Arena”. Close to 300 young leaders from all walks of life reunited in Hong Kong to be part of this historical moment. Alumni from USA, Canada, Australia, and various other parts of the world were present, spanning across a total of 15 countries.

The Global Youth Forum 2018 held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University composed of four key parts, a keynote speech by Mr. Anthony LEUNG (former Financial Secretary of the HKSAR), International Dragon Library, a Dragon Panel Discussion, and an International Panel Discussion. Prof. Timothy W. TONG, President of PolyU, set the scene by giving his opening remarks, sharing the importance for youths to acquire knowledge in today’s knowledge-based society, and welcomed more collaboration with PolyU.

You may find more photos here: https://goo.gl/xuff7u

Mr. LEUNG’s speech reflected on imminent changes in the world and emphasised the importance to communicate love and transfer knowledge to mitigate gaps in the current society. Mr. LEUNG summarised the global situation as “VUCA”, which stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. He commented that in the near future, the majority of the world’s population will be slaves to technology, and only a very small proportion will be masters of technology. Mr. LEUNG’s life principle is to work hard, consume less, and transfer one’s savings for a good cause. Mr. LEUNG’s notable sharing included the controversial debate between Western democracy versus the communist system which focuses on the sustainability of the community and country, which he summarised as the voter-centric model versus the people-centric model, leaving thoughts to Dragons for further consideration. Mr. LEUNG’s reflected on his previous roles in education, and highlighted that the current generation lacks essential education in values – human principals delivered by families, as reflected by surging divorce rates, he claims that love, care, knowledge and having basic values will help bridge the gaps in society.

The other three parts carried various themes, including Building Better Cities and Societies for the Future, Real Estate in Asia, The Stories of Chinese Startups in Silicon Valley, A Humanitarian Approach to World Peace, amongst others.

Sincerely thanks to our following speakers:
Panel Speakers:
Simon HUANG, Co-founder, Xberts
David LIN, Co-founder and CEO, BT
Antony TAM, Programme Specialist (ICT in Teacher Education), UNESCO Myanmar
Jason YIP, Regional Head of Market, Government Affairs and Donor Relations Division, International Committee of the Red Cross

Dragon Library Speakers: 
Leon TOH, Executive Director, Damson Capital
Gwendolyn WANG, Manager, Markets Initiatives – USA, Air Canada
Jordan HUI, Manager, Investment Implementation, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
Francisco VALENCIA, Senior Research Analyst, Nomura Research Institute
Anny CHANG, Founder, City Wanderer
Henry TSANG, Assistant Professor, Keimyeung University
Monypich SOU, Co-founder and Managing Director, Tube Cafe Co. Ltd
Kate YANG, Head of Group Strategy and Research, Chengdu Zhenghe Real Estate Consultants Ltd.
Louis LI, Associate Director, Digital Capital Strategy, Ernst and Young
Albert WONG, Country Manager, World First
Wilson KO, Chartered President, Asia Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship Association
Zizhou LIU, Investment Research Manager, Wide Horizon Investment Group

DN sincerely acknowledged that the event was supported by numerous organisations and companies, including but not limited to, their Diamond Sponsor – New Frontier Group, Platinum Sponsor – The D. H. Chen Foundation, Gold Sponsors – Hong Kong Communications Co. Ltd., Magna Education Center, New World Development Company Limited, Shui On Group, Yidan Prize Foundation, Zhenghe Real Estate Consulting, and Ziwei Finance. More about DragoNation, their notable alumni, and their goals of adapting to change and innovating for the betterment of society can be found in their 10th Anniversary Publication, “Heirs of the Dragons – How Chinese Youth Lead the Global Development”, which is available to the public at bookstores soon.