About DragoNation

Established in 2008, DragoNation is a non-profit making, global alumni association of the three Dragon Foundation's youth programmes, namely Go Go West, “Dragon 100” Young Chi­nese Leaders, and the Global Citizens Programme. Until 2018, it serves over 1,800 prestigious alumni of Chinese descent with leadership and global vision from 38 countries/regions. Our goal is to build a sustainable platform for our alumni - hence our motto “GLOBAL NETWORK. CHINESE TALENTS. 環球網絡 華人菁英”. We seek to contribute to society and make an impact by using the diverse professional knowledge and skills of our alumni.

Connect Dragons to Empowering Future

Connect global chinese young talents

Serving 1800 members with diverse professional background from 38 districts and cities

Enable synergy in contributing to the global community

Promote the programmes of The Dragon Foundation for young Chinese descendants with leadership and global vision

Promote innovative initiatives with social mission

Recognised as Social Caring Organisation and granted the Gold Award of Volunteer Movement, HKSARG

Cultivate the capacity of youth through mutual learning and exposure

Organise a series of brand events, i.e. DragoNation Day, Youth Forum, Diversity Chamber and Mentorship Programme

Our Mission

In the past two decades, China has becomes more and more influential in the global arena - in finance, technology, research and development, retails and service industries, and the list continues. Looking forward, as young Chinese leaders, how can we contribute to the international community in the next 10 years?

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